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Our Values Fuel Our Vision

Princeton Medspa Partners specializes in buying and launching the leading medical spas and providing the best aesthetic services in the United States.

We are industry outliers with an unprecedented team of aesthetic pioneers and thought leaders who bring decades of  experience and proven track records to every partnership.

Princeton Medspa Partners is guided by core values of integrity, safety, personalized service and industry-best results. We are committed to helping medspas shape our collective future that will open new doors for your brand and for the people who make your medspa special.

Experienced, Passionate, Professional

We understand your day-to-day because we’ve lived it too. We are a group of medspa founders, just like you. Our corporate team members have been involved in every role in medspa and in other healthcare specialties. 

Our experience helps us maintain a standard of excellence in the industry-leading medspa management, team development, client experience, and medical care services we provide. We’re here to truly understand your medspa and its unique needs.

Partner With Us

Keep your medspa’s magic

Collaborative approach on key practice level business and clinical decisions. When you partner with Princeton, you are growing the team invested in your success. Your brand longevity is supported by a medspa network built by some of the profession’s leading clinicians and entrepreneurs. 

Tend to your own island better. The spirit of your culture won’t go away. And the way you practice, the culture you’ve created, and your brand don’t need to change. Stay you, while enjoying the advantages of Princeton.

Grow your medspa

Collaborate with like-minded partners to inspire growth and optimize your medspa. Every medspa is unique in growth ambitions inside or out beyond the medspa. Amplify what you are already great at and find new opportunities for your focus and to operate at your best. We’re here to give you back more of your day-to-day to focus on greater-impact priorities while still doing what you love. 

Your Vision comes first. The only person who knows what’s best for your medspa is you.

What does the value in a Princeton partnership look like? Preserve and grow your team’s careers and autonomy. Improve work-life balance. Create long-lasting impact. Be excited in the future of the identity you created.

We're Here to Help

Your secret sauce. Our resources and energy. We’re all builders at heart. Together we can build a sustainable future for the medspa profession as a whole.

James A. Waskovich

Jim founded Princeton Medspa Partners with the vision of building the leading provider of non-invasive aesthetics services in the country.  He is also the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Princeton Equity Group, a leading private equity firm focused on investing in multi-site healthcare, consumer, and business services companies.   Prior to this, Jim was the Founder and Managing Partner of Princeton Ventures and began his career at Summit Partners and ABS Capital.

Jim has founded or invested in over 30 successful companies over his career including European Wax Cener, the leading provider of body and facial waxing services; HOPCo, the leading orthopedic practice and services organization with nearly 1,000 providers; Massage Envy, the leading provider of massage therapy services; and Stretch Zone, the leading provider of assisted stretch therapy services. 

Collectively, Jim’s investments represent nearly 6,000 locations and nearly $4B of system revenue.  He is one of the most successful investors in site-based businesses in the country.

Jim holds a B.S. in Economics and Politics from Washington & Lee University where he was a George Washington Scholar.

Jeremy Wright

Jeremy joined Princeton Medspa Partners in 2024 and focuses on supporting strategic and operational initiatives.

Before joining Princeton, Jeremy was an Operating Advisor for Atlantic Street Capital, an operationally focused mid-market private equity firm. As an Operating Advisor, Jeremy oversaw several portfolio companies, often held interim executive positions, including CEO and CFO, and played material roles in two dozen acquisitions.

In this role, he worked hand-in-hand with company founders to prepare each platform company for aggressive growth.

He has served in similar roles at other investment firms, including Blackstreet Capital Management and held executive roles in a range of industries including business services, residential services, distribution, logistics, manufacturing and retail.

He started his career at AlixPartners as a management consultant, where he identified and developed operational improvement initiatives.

Jeremy holds a B.S. in Finance from Oral Roberts University. He is a Certified Public Accountant.

Rich Roskell

Rich’s primary role is to oversee the buildout of Princeton's centralized core business functions and integrate each business unit into Princeton's overall Value Creation Strategy.

Rich has over ten years of experience as a C-Suite Executive in healthcare. He is the co-founder, and former Chief Strategy Officer at United Veterinary Care.

He was the architect of UVC’s value creation plan strategy. UVC was formed in June of 2019.

When he left, the business was doing over $500M in annual Revenue, 115 locations, 750 providers, and doing business in 28 states.

Rich holds a B.A. in History from King's College.

Jeff Farrington

Jeff Farrington is the Chief Financial Officer of Princeton Medspa Partners. He previously served as Chief Financial Officer at Smile Design Dentistry for 8 years, a private equity backed multi-site dental services organization which completed over 50 acquisitions during his tenure. He has 18 years of experience in Public Accounting, Financial Services and Consumer Products Industries, and Retail Healthcare. His in-depth knowledge of acquisitions in the retail healthcare space will allow him to guide Princeton’s many constituents to financial success.

In his experience in multi-site healthcare, Jeff has adopted a collaborative mindset to partner closely with operations to build processes and systems focused on driving efficiency throughout the organization. He believes that part of finance is to provide timely and relevant business insights and the tools to deliver those insights in an efficient manner to create organizational value on a continuous basis. He prides himself on fostering an environment of open communication and transparency with a service-oriented approach.

Jeff holds a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Florida.

Gary A. Bufalo, Jr.

Gary has more than 20 years of experience in sales, operations, training and development with multiple national organizations, including Ideal Image, Athletico Physical Therapy and ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers, in addition to having owned his own health and wellness business for over seven years.

Gary has been involved with 11 company acquisitions, helping to integrate 50+ clinic locations post-acquisition. He has a passion for helping motivate and inspire teams to grow and develop both personally and professionally.

Gary holds a B.A. in Organizational Studies from Saint Louis University and an MBA from Webster University.

Judith Martin

Judith Martin has over 20 years of professional experience, having started her career has an investment banker at Morgan Stanley focusing on Retail and Luxury Goods M&A. She then joined the beauty industry and spent over 10 years leading marketing across internationally renowned brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Tom Ford Beauty, and Laura Mercier.

Judith’s unique background allows her to bring a data led approach to marketing that she uses to profitably grow brands.

Judith holds a B.A. in Politics and International Relations from the University of Sheffield in the UK.

Francis X. Acunzo

Francis X. Acunzo opened the very first medical spa in 1996, merging his Boston spa company with one of the top publicly traded laser companies.

He has been widely regarded as a pioneer in the industry, owning and operating several multi-site medspa companies.

As founder of Acara Partners, the first full-service business consulting, marketing and digital agency in the aesthetic vertical, Fran and his team have launched over 160 aesthetic medical practices and provided management and marketing support to more than 350 medspa locations.

Philip A. Piro

Phil is a Principal at Princeton Equity Group, a leading private equity firm focused on investing in multi-site healthcare, consumer, and business services companies. Phil has extensive experience building and operating companies. Prior to joining Princeton Equity Group, Phil served as the COO of Brad’s Raw Chips, where he managed the company’s supply chain and manufacturing facility and successfully executed numerous operational improvements and strategic priorities.

Phil holds a B.A. in Economics and Middle East Studies from Yale University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

A few ways we can make your life easier

When Princeton partners with a medspa, we lighten administrative burdens including:

Operational Excellence

We give our partners the ability to focus on their patients while we focus on the business of being the best. Offering decades of combined experience in operating and developing medical spas across the country. Our team understands the key metrics of the aesthetic vertical. Princeton operations professionals work collaboratively with our physician entrepreneurs to analyze and maintain excellent standards of care.


We learn from each other in the Princeton network, and together realize our best selves. We give back to the industry as a network. We prize advancing the expertise of your team, to ensure your medspa provides the highest level of services and stays on the cutting edge of the industry. You maintain the things that made your medspa great while gaining all the benefits and experience of a trusted partner and the other medspa leaders in our network.

Purchasing Power

Our decades of industry experience translate into serious buying power. The Princeton structure creates economies of scale, and your team will have access to the top technologies while maximizing your margins. We'll help you grow your medspa, not run it.


Our network of founders and corporate team specialize in marketing to medspa consumers. From building your brand to cultivating a thriving and loyal client base, we are passionate about helping with marketing strategy.


This is our secret sauce as the premier network, and we all draw from decades of experience in securing the top talent for your business. You are free to empowered to build your medspa with best practices and insights from us on team growth. As a network, we will open more doors to optimal careers in medspa.


Have a greater voice in your own medspa, without the distracting worries of insurance, legal issues, accounting and property management. We understand all the fiscal intricacies feeding your bottom line. We’ve done the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to, offering tried-and-true, streamlined support for payroll, taxes, benefits, bookkeeping, financial reporting and more.

Explore Your Brand’s Longevity

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